Our Therapy Dog:

Yeti is the newest member of the Kemper-Millard-Keim Family Funeral Chapels. Some might see her as just a dog, but she offers so much more. 

Yeti is a hypoallergenic Golden Doodle who is very gentle, calm and loving. 

Over the past year, Yeti and Jamie Keim-Thurman have both been through the required training for Yeti to successfully pass the Therapy Dog International Testing. Prior to the testing, there were a series of classes: Puppy Pre-School in 2016, Puppy Kindergarten in 2016 and Therapy Dog Program in 2017. She earned her A.K.C. STAR Puppy, A.K.C. Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog International certifications. 

Yeti is here to bring love and comfort during visitations and services. The evidence is there, proving the power of a simple touch or tail wag can lift anyone's spirits. 

If you would like a visit from Yeti and Jamie, call Kemper-Millard-Keim Family Funeral Chapel at (636) 528-8221.