Our Therapy Dog:

Yeti is the newest member of the Kemper-Millard-Keim Family Funeral Chapels. Some might see her as just a dog, but she offers so much more. 

Yeti is a hypoallergenic Golden Doodle who is very gentle, calm and loving. 

Over the past year, Yeti and Jamie Keim-Thurman have both been through the required training for Yeti to successfully pass the Therapy Dog International Testing. Prior to the testing, there were a series of classes: Puppy Pre-School in 2016, Puppy Kindergarten in 2016 and Therapy Dog Program in 2017. She earned her A.K.C. STAR Puppy, A.K.C. Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog International certifications. 

Yeti is here to bring love and comfort during visitations and services. The evidence is there, proving the power of a simple touch or tail wag can lift anyone's spirits. 

If you would like a visit from Yeti and Jamie, call Kemper-Millard-Keim Family Funeral Chapel at (636) 528-8221.

The Newest addition to our family: lizzy

At the 2018 Pascale’s Pals auction, Reid Millard—the owner of Parker-Millard Funeral Home—won a bid on a labradoodle puppy. Reid knew that this puppy would grow to have a major purpose in his funeral home. He wanted to train this pup to provide comfort to grieving families. Little did he know that his future therapy dog would serve an even greater purpose.

On March 15, 2018, Elizabeth "Lizzy" Joy Wampler passed away at the age of 10 after a long battle with cancer. This courageous little girl touched the lives of many during her short time on Earth as she aired on the NBC Today Show, multiple St. Jude’s commercials and was featured in 3,500 Chili’s restaurants nationwide. The incredible life of Lizzy Wampler was honored March 18, 2018, at Parker-Millard Funeral Home where the Celebration of Life was held.

Around the same time of Lizzy’s passing, the labradoodle pup was born. It was a girl! Reid Millard and Funeral Director Nick McKague decided to reach out to Lizzy Wampler’s parents, John and Jennifer Wampler, to allow them to name the puppy in honor of their daughter. After a family discussion, John, Jennifer and their two children decided “Lizzy” was the perfect name for this puppy.

On May 29, 2018, Lizzy the dog was just old enough to begin training at K9 Comfort in Bellevue, IA. Today, she practices obedience in her training sessions and is constantly working on applying these skills in nursing homes, schools, stores and restaurants. Jason Rowan, owner of K9 Comfort and main handler of Lizzy, says that she has a unique and “spunky” personality that he does not want to take away. He says she gets very excited around kids, and he predicts that she will be great at visiting children’s hospitals while also remaining calm in more somber settings.

Currently, there is not a firm date as to when Lizzy will be ready to begin serving families in the funeral home or hospital setting as “the dog sets the pace” in emotional support and obedience training. Nonetheless, the funeral home staff and the Wampler’s look forward to her arrival.